Spanish Translater

Spanish Translater

Are you looking for a Spanish translater or a Spanish translator. One ends in “er, and the other in “or”. There is a difference.

Spanish Translaters Do Exist

Many times people searching the Internet search engines type in the term, “spanish translater” by mistake; it’s just a misspelling. They really meant to type in the term, “spanish translator”; which is either a Spanish interpreter or a Spanish translation service of some kind; either human Spanish translators or web translation services.

Spanish Translater or Translator – A Common Mistake

It is so common to type in the phrase that way that Google actually advertises their own online Spanish translation service as, Spanish Translater on their own sponsored ads.

However, and here’s the good part, it really is a Spanish translater, that is, it is a Spanish translate service that works wonderfully. The call it the WordMonkey Translator and its a iGoogle widget. You can find this Spanish translater/translator, at

Of course, you have to be using iGoogles web page for it to work, and if you haven’t started using it, this one powerful little widget makes it worth using for this widget alone.

Free Spanish Translater

I have purchased Spanish translator services and software that installs on my hard drive that doesn’t work as good as this little baby and Google lets us have it without cost.

It loads right on your iGoogle page with one push of a button.

This Spanish translater says right on the bottom of the tool that it is Powered by Google Translate, but don’t get this confuse with the other one word online Spanish translater, simply called, “Google Translate”.

Translate Entire Sentences

I’ve used that for a long time, but Google Translate only translates one word at a time. The WordMonkey Translator can do entire web pages, sentences or phrases with one click of your mouse. And here’s the great news about this Spanish translater – it’s pretty darn accurate. But then again what would you expect from Google.

Now, in the chance that you meant to search for Spanish Translator, that’s with a “or” instead of, Spanish Translater, with an “er”, then maybe you’re looking for more than just an online translation service. In which case, we suggest you read the article, Spanish Translate.

If on the other hand, an online Spanish translater is all you seek. allow us to recommend the WordMonkey translator. Or, is it, translater?

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