Google Spanish Translation

Google Spanish Translation

Anyone that is learning another language has a very neat tool at their disposal, free online translation software, such as Google Spanish translation and there are several others available also.

They are fast, easy and free. There are as close as copy, paste and click.

But, you deserve to know the real truth about Google Spanish translation, and this goes for most automatic translation services. Read on, it could save you from some serious mistakes, not to mention embarrassment!

Google Spanish translation and the other services are useful at times, and if you don’t have a dictionary, Google Spanish translation is the next best thing. These types of services are accurate when you need to know how to say one or two words. Simple nouns and verbs translate instantly, and its a lot faster than using the dictionary.

Be warned, however, they have several flaws and shouldn’t be regarded as an absolute authority on the language.

For one, you have to understand that language conveys ideas and feelings, and sometimes groups of words convey a different meaning than the individual words do by themselves. When you take the words apart and translate them word for word, the meaning gets lost in translation (hey, isn’t that a movie?!). Google Spanish translation is a machine, and machines can only process digital data, so many expressions will be misunderstood.

For example, if you type in the word ‘kindergarten’ Google Spanish translation translated it into ‘garden of infancy’. ‘Homeschool’ got translated as ‘the house of school.’ Obviously, the real meaning got lost along the way!

Anytime you need to know the meaning of a phrase, chances are its wrong. Idioms are extremely hard to translate and are usually translated very literally.

For example, imagine that you want to talk about your retirement nest egg. Spanish speakers will wonder what a bird’s nest has to do with retirement. Telling someone that a joke had you in stitches will have them wondering how you got cut.

So, if you are using Google Spanish translation for an article or if you need to give a presentation in Spanish and want help translating, have a human double check the work of your Google Spanish translation to make sure you aren’t sounding silly.

As a side note, many good Spanish language dictionary have idioms included so that you ca understand phrases, not just the individual words.

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